Intellectual Property Rights Owners

eBay is committed to assisting third parties in protecting their intellectual property rights. To help protect these rights, eBay has created various programs enabling rights owners to easily report claims of intellectual property infringement. One such program is the eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program. More information regarding VeRO can be found here.

Highlights of the VeRO program include:

  • Expeditious removal of listings reported to eBay.

  • Proactive monitoring and removal by eBay of listings that violate eBay policies designed to prevent the listing of infringing items on eBay.

  • Ability to save searches and have the results emailed to you through Favorite Searches.

  • Suspension of repeat offenders.

  • Cooperation with rights owners seeking personal information on alleged infringers.

However, because eBay cannot be an expert in your intellectual property rights in over 25,000 categories, and cannot verify that sellers have the right to sell the millions of items they post on eBay each day, we need your help in identifying listings which appear on their face to infringe your rights.